DIY Primate Pack

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Want to make a statement piece of your own? Here's your chance to customize your own animal bust. These pieces are ready to be painted, bedazzled, or whatever you'd like! 

Included in the DIY Primate Pack: DIY Chimpanzee, DIY Gorilla, & DIY Orangutan.

Assembly is required.

Assembly instructions & recommended bonding agent will be e-mailed to customers in order to reduce paper waste.

Material: 0.25" MDF  (Medium-density fiberboard) 


  • DIY Chimpanzee: 9" (Wide) x 7.5" (Tall) x 1" (Deep)
  • DIY Gorilla: 7.5" (Wide) x 9" (Tall) x 1.25" (Deep)
  • DIY Orangutan: 9.5" (Wide) x 9.5" (Tall) x 1.25" (Deep)

Shipping: Item will ship within 5-10 days