"Journey" Penguin Art

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"Journey" is a unique piece of art created for our partnership with Penguins International in celebration for World Penguin Day, celebrated annually on April 25th.

This large, unique art piece is painted with a navy paint, featuring our Desert Sand stain trim, to highlight a group penguins swimming through the water. The back on sign is also painted a teal color and comes with two self-leveling hangers that are recessed, allowing this piece to hang flush on your wall in your home, office, or nursery.

Material: Pine Wood (painted/stained & sealed)

Dimensions: 26" (Wide) x 20" (Tall) x 1.5" (Deep)

Shipping: Item will ship within 5-10 business days 


INCLUDED: This piece of art will also include our 3 Penguin signs, with our Desert Sand stain for the trim, for FREE (a $45 value) in celebration of World Penguin Day:

  • Penguin Definition Sign (9"x9"x1.5")
  • African Penguin Sign (9"x9"x1.5")
  • Humboldt Penguin Sign (9"x9"x1.5")


*NOTE: If you are over-charged on shipping we will issue a refund after a shipping label has been created.