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Okapi Definition

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The okapi are found in the rainforest of the Congo region and remained undiscovered from the world of science until a British explorer named Sir Harry Johnston documented them. Their striped legs may give them the appearance of a zebra, but this ungulate is the only living relative to the giraffe.

This definition sign is perfect for any animal enthusiast's or newborns bedroom! If you can't go on your own trek through the Ituri Forest of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, then bring the okapi home with you.

The wood is painted white, with stained trim. High quality image is screen printed onto wood to ensure that this piece will have great longevity in your living space.

Material: Pine Wood (stained & sealed)

Dimensions: 9" (Wide) x 9" (Tall) x 1.5" (Deep)

Shipping: Item will ship within 5-10 days