December 2nd is the last day to get Animal Busts for 2023! They will be returning in early 2023.

Kudu Bust

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Talk about cool! This Kudu bust is extremely detailed!

Both the greater kudu and the lesser kudu are characterized by stripes and spots on their body, and most have a chevron of white hair between the eyes. Male kudu have long, spiral horns, and the greater kudu have horns that make two and a half twists and can grow as long as nearly 6 feet. 

This animal bust is hand cut out of pine, stained, and then layered together to give it a 3D look! It comes with a self-leveling hanger on back so that it will easily hang on your wall.

Material: Pine Wood (stained & sealed)

Dimensions: 17" (Wide) x 23" (Tall) x 3.5" (Deep)

Shipping: Item will ship within 10-15 business days