December 2nd is the last day to get Animal Busts for 2023! They will be returning in early 2023.

Meerkat Bust

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Meerkats are social creatures in the mongoose family native to Africa, where they spend their days in large groups, called a mob or gang, as they forage for food in a home range of approximately 4 square miles. This adorable meerkat bust is perfect for that animal statement wall or for a newborn's nursery. Get just one or multiple in different stain options to have your own meerkat mob at home.

This animal bust is hand cut out of pine, stained, and then layered together to give it a 3-D look! It comes with a self-leveling hanger on back so that it will easily hang on your wall.

Material: Pine Wood (stained & sealed)

Dimensions: 9.25" (Wide) x 8.25" (Tall) x 2" (Deep)

Shipping: Item will ship within 10-15 business days